How to go tanning indoors for the first time


You’ve exfoliated and depilated the day before in anticipation of your first visit to a tanning salon. So now what happens?

One of the first steps might be taking a skin type survey. This process helps you plan how to build a base tan. The survey helps you and the salon staff determine which skin type you are from numbers one through six.

tanning indoors

Type one is the lightest skin color that burns and doesn’t tan. Three is the most common type that can tan but should begin with brief sessions to avoid burning. Skin type four can achieve a healthy-looking tan in as few as three sessions. And type six is least likely to burn.

Next, you’ll find out about high and low-level beds. High-level beds are better for fair skin since they emit more UVA that tans and less UVB that causes burns.

After that, if you haven’t chosen one already, you’ll need an indoor tanning lotion. Lotions are essential because they protect your skin from drying out while you tan. They also extend the lifetime of the tan and may provide additional benefits.

For example, a tanning accelerator will stimulate melanin production to darken your skin faster. It may also contain a bronzer that adds instant color to your skin. Additionally, some tanning lotions may have a hair growth inhibitor which is convenient since shaving right after tanning is not recommended.

Finally, you might want to explore services not offered by your current tanning salon. Perhaps you’ll want to spray tan so you can look bronzed as soon as possible. Or maybe you want to enjoy a massage or get a pedicure for sandal season. At any rate, you can always search for “tanning salons near me” to find something new to try.