Getting rid of your old office furniture

Home Improvement Guru

Nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to get rid of your old or unwanted office furniture.  Transport, storage and labour costs means that second hand office furniture dealers are less likely to want your old furniture.

Charities have the same problem as well as being restricted by the ever tightening Health and Safety regulations.

Even taking the furniture to the local dump is more difficult nowadays. The charge for commercial waste  seems to escalate geometrically and the limitations on what can be accepted as non hazardous waste makes this method of disposal a very expensive option.

Also the furniture has to completely stripped down into its component parts so that the relevant materials are dumped in the correct places at the refuse site. As you are fully aware , as much material as possible is recycled, which in theory is a good idea, except when the cost of this recycling is so excessive.

Whilst we do not agree with the old practice of just dumping everything in landfill sites and then covering it all up, recycling has to be cost effective.

Even if you had the space we would never advise burning your old furniture, especially not office chairs. Apart from the  “non- green” effect of having a large open bonfire, there could be some very unpleasant chemicals in the furniture which should definitely not be released into the atmosphere

You could try to sell it yourself, as there seems to be a second hand market for just about everything, but you have to face the fact that it is going to take a lot of time and effort for a very small amount of money.

Usually we find that the old stuff needs to be got rid of quickly to make way for the new so spending a few weeks selling of the furniture item by item, is  not an ideal option..

It is obviously easier to get rid of just a few old desks and office chairs, than a whole office full of furniture. When a complete office needs to be cleared the only cost effective way is to ask the supplier of the new furniture to take the old stuff away. There will usually be a charge for this, depending on how much furniture you are buying from them, but the office furniture dealer will be the most cost effective solution to your furniture disposal problem.

They will have the economies of scale and the contacts to get rid of the furniture in an ecological and cost effective way.

But as it is your old furniture just check that they are not just dumping it into the local canal