Create your own miniature fairy garden with whimsical figurines and settings

1. Decide what type of fairy garden youd like, says It could be a woodland garden under a shade tree or a flower fairy garden with a cottage and flowers.

2. Decide whether you want an outdoor garden or a container garden. A container garden can be moved indoors during the winter, so it will last longer. Earl advises starting small with a container garden.

The beauty here is that this approach allows even condo and apartment dwellers who lack a backyard to have one, she says.

3. Design your garden, being sure to include plenty of fairy-friendly details.

Fairies are said to favor gardens with wildflowers and a slight unkempt look, moss or thyme as a soft meadow to sleep in and space for celebrations and festivals, Earl says.

4. Choose the fairy house, which you can buy or make yourself. Also select miniature garden furniture and accessories.

5. Choose flowers designed for small spaces, says , which has a flower list on its website.

6. Add seasonal details to keep it interesting for you and the fairies. Since it is a work in progress, add new details as the fairy spirits move you.

7. According to, youre now ready to sit back, put your feet up and keep an eye out for fairies. Dont forget. Fairies tend to be very shy, so you may need to spend a lot of time relaxing near your garden in order to see one.