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How to Clean Hardwood Floors the Lazy Way

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What if you didn’t need to leave your chair to clean your hardwood floors? Or better yet, what if the floor was magically clean when you arrived home? We’ve witnessed this ourselves; we’re proof that it actually works. Have you figured out our trick yet?

Best Robot Vacuum

Source: Pearson Carpet Care

Yes, it’s a robotic vacuum that sweeps the hardwood until it gleams. And we usually let it run while we’re out running errands. That’s because it’s a little noisy on bare floors. But the investment is worth it since this is a task that needs to be frequently done.

A robot maintains our hardwood floor each day. We’ve programmed a set schedule for it to follow. Then, at the end of the week, it only takes a few minutes to touch up the corners of the rooms with one of the best vacuums for bare floors. Of course, it’s also important to empty the robot’s bin and check the filters and brushes.

We’ve discovered that there are at least three benefits to cleaning our floors the lazy way.

The primary benefit is that our home stays cleaner. There’s never any reason to be embarrassed if someone drops by unexpectedly. And it’s pleasant to walk around barefoot when the floors are clean.

The second benefit is that keeping the hardwood clean protects it from scratches and damage. There’s no grit to abrade the finish. And we can wet-mop on any given day without sweeping or vacuuming first.

Then the third benefit is the fact that the robot saves time. Even when we’re in a hurry, the job gets done.

In conclusion, our robotic vacuum was a worthwhile purchase for our hardwood floors. It saves us at least 20 minutes a day. How much time would a robot vacuum save you?