Best Wood for Fireplace Mantel


You need a roaring fire to make your home warm and comfortable. A hearth will allow you to gather around the home to read a book, play games, or watch TV.

Therefore, it’s essential to look for the best wood you should use for fireplace mantels. You can get a great principal point for any space, thanks to a fireplace.

However, it is not easy to find the proper mantel to add to your hearth. There is a lot of choices out there. They are various in types of wood, sizes, as well as additional features.

Check out this post to learn how to look for the best wood for fireplace mantel.

Best Woods for a Fireplace Mantel

Fruit Trees

You can use many fruit-bearing trees for a fireplace mantel. For example, cherry trees can be used for this purpose.

This wood can last longer when compared to softwoods. Moreover, many people use cherry tree wood because of its red-colored wood.


Mahogany wood is suitable for those who want their fireplaces to be the focal point. As long as this wood is properly polished, sanded, and varnished, it may bring a noticeable look. Also, this wood is famous for its robustness.


Maple wood is ideal for those who need a fireplace mantel with a light brown color. It is famous for its very strong grains. Therefore, it can take a lot of pressure.


This wood is used popularly in tool handles, as well as baseball bats because of the durability. When compared to maple wood, this one is generally darker. It ensures to give your fireplace mantel shelf a very unique look.


Just like maple wood, this type is well known for its hardy and beautiful grain. As long as you sand it down smoothly, it looks well. Oak is an excellent option for those who need a lighter colored mantel shelf. Moreover, this one is paler compared to other hardwoods.

Does the Fireplace Mantel have to suit a color scheme?

If you have a custom-crafted mantel, it can match your home color scheme. There are some finishes to help you fit your space. They include planed smooth, scrub the planed-charcoal stain, natural patina, scrub planed- walnut stain, wire brushes, burnished finish, and wire brushed-walnut stain.

Each of them is the best choice for fireplace mantel. Keep in mind that it is essential to consider more than just the color of your wall when considering the color scheme. Besides, don’t forget to consider your window dressings, linens, flooring, lighting, upholstery, as well as room accessories.


We’ve already given you some of the best woods for fireplace mantels. Besides them, we can also find some other hardwoods used for a mantel shelf. You can get a good looking from Ebony. However, this wood is much more expensive compared to other great hardwoods. If you need something to set your home apart and room, you can choose one of the best woods above. They look good for a long time. Also, these woods don’t require a lot of maintenance.