3d Nail Art Designs Ideal for Valentine and Wedding Using Dipping Powder and Sealer Dry Liquid

If you are looking for new ideas to make your talon stand out on special events like Valentine’s Day or your own wedding, you don’t have to search far because we have created a list of nail designs that will go perfectly well on your big day. These nail art utilized the use of nail dipping powder and sealer dry liquid to make sure that your manicure will last for weeks. From 3D flower designs to incredible studs, three-dimensional nails have never looked this better read on for our curated selection of the best 3D nails on your next big day.

Nail Art Designs

  1. 3D Red Valentine Nails

No other color represents Valentine’s Day the way red does. It exemplifies love and it makes everything lovely.  LDS D77 Malted Milk is the right shade of red to wear on your first date because it will immediately send the message of love without the need to speak a single word.

Pro Tip: To create the best 3D bell flower, create it on a stick covered with aluminium foil. The use of stick in this technique will give the realistic bend on your petals. Creating this type of flower might look very complicated but the use of LDS products makes it easy and worthwhile because they will surely last. Accentuate it with Swarovski crystals for an added bling.

  1. Exquisite 3D Rose Flowers Wedding Nails

Aside from the wedding gown, wedding nails are also considered as an art expression to many brides. If you are lucky, you will only get married once so why not make the best out of it. Your wedding is a fresh beginning of your bride and groom life and your nail design doesn’t have to be a simple fashion statement but it also symbolizes a woman’s status. Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with this gorgeous wedding nail design.

Pro Tip: The secret to creating the best rose is by carefully crafting the petals by hand. One by one while giving each petal a slight bend to make it appear that the flower bloomed completely. The flowers don’t have to be of the same sizes. To make your nail art less subtle add a little bling by using Swarovski crystals.

This two nail art looks very complicated in the beginning but it is surprisingly easy to do if you follow the right tutorial. You do not have to be an expert to create a stunning manicure because even if you are a beginner, you can give yourself an at-home 3D Manicure. If DIY is not your thing, then head to your favourite nail salon but if nail art is really your thing, it is always best to learn to do it on your own so you can save time and tons of cash by frequenting the salon.